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Date Type Description Link
2016-10-25 UPDATE Add a new signal ComputedFuelLevel /cars/signals_list
2016-09-13 UPDATE Remove unpossible errors /users/me/cars
2016-09-13 UPDATE Update the list of signals /cars/signals_list
2016-09-05 ADD Add trip statistics /trips/{tripId}/stats,
2016-09-05 UPDATE Fixes a typo (issue #38) /users/{userId},
2016-08-25 UPDATE The parameter inservice was replaced by in_service /ktype/{ktype}
2016-08-01 ADD Add compatibility API /compat/v1
2016-07-27 UPDATE Typo in stats /cars/{carId}/stats/usedtime
2016-07-25 UPDATE Fixes a typo (issue #26) README
2016-07-15 ADD Add cars stats /cars/{carId}/stats/mileage,
2016-07-07 UPDATE Update trips responses /cars/{carId}/trips,
2016-06-27 ADD We’ve added sandbox APIs on specified routes /users/{userId},
2016-05-23 UPDATE The parameters redirect_uri and scope are not mandatory anymore /auth/auth
2016-05-22 UPDATE Complement error cases Authentication README
2016-05-12 ADD We’ve added a /users/me/cars route /users/me/cars
2016-05-12 ADD We’ve added a /users/me/cars route /users/me/cars
2016-05-12 UPDATE The field deviceId in cars entity is now a string /users/{userId}/cars,