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This API is used to show the user a webview to sign in.



Secured by Nothing

How it works


No headers needed here

Query parameters

Parameter name Parameter value Mandatory
client_id The client id of your application YES
scope The list of scopes, split by a space and url encoded NO
redirect_uri The uri our server will redirect to once the user has entered its credentials NO
state An optional state to identify the user from your side NO



This is the url to call when your client:

Once the user clicks Connect, we will check the user/password and then redirect to the redirect uri you’ve specified in developer space with a code

We’ll do thing by setting a Location header, for example:

Location: [YOUR REDIRECT URI]?code=theawesomecode

Or, if you have set multiple redirect_uri in the developer space, and you want a specific one to be called:


It will do the same but with

The redirect uri

The redirect uri should be owned by you (so either a domain name you own, where you can put some code, either localhost).

When the redirect uri is called, we’ll provide you an access code, via the parameter code.

This code will help you to obtain the first access token for the user who signed in.

So keep this code in hand, and then refer to the access_token page.


If the client_id is wrong, or the redirect_uri is set but does not match any specified in the developer space, we’ll throw a 404