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Get the current status of a specific car


[GET] https://{env}{carId}/status

You’ll need the status_read scope.

Secured by OAuth 2 access token.



The env variable as the host of the route can be changed for testing purpose.

Value Comment
cloud production environment (real client data, Authorization needed)
sandbox sandbox environment (fake data, no Authorization needed)


Header name Header value Mandatory
Authorization Bearer with the OAuth2 access token YES

Url Parameters

Parameter name Parameter value Mandatory
carId The id of the car you are looking for the status YES

Success Response

    "accelerometer": {
        "x": -768,
        "y": 240,
        "z": 4032,
        "date": "2016-03-01T02:24:20.000000+00:00"
    "location": {
        "latitude": 50.67815,
        "longitude": 3.208155,
        "altitude": 31.8,
        "satellites": 4,
        "heading": 167,
        "date": "2016-03-01T02:24:20.000000+00:00"
    "signals": [
            "name": "LockSts",
            "value": 0,
            "date": "2016-03-01T02:24:24.000000+00:00"
            "name": "Odometer",
            "value": 34512.1,
            "date": "2016-03-01T02:24:27.116000+00:00"
Property Type Comment
location location More on Locations API page
accelerometer accelerometer
signals signal More on Signals API page


See how errors are formed in v3 Readme

Be aware of authentication errors

Reason Status Code Type Message Tip
Scope status_read is missing 403 AUTHORIZATION_ERROR Token does not have the required scope Add the status_read scope to your app scopes and reconnect the user
The token does not have access to this car 403 AUTHORIZATION_ERROR Token can’t access this car Make sure the token belongs to the user owning the car you’re asking for
The car does not exist 404 PARAMETERS_ERROR Car not found Please check that the car exists, looks like it does not