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Make a whish, get a scope

What is a scope

A scope is like an authorization to get a specific resource.

For example, at Xee we provide different things:

If you build an app that does not need to access trips, then, why should you need to access it ? You just don’t. So we wont provide your app the resource, even if you try to call the API

Right, at this point, some of you might be like:

Wait, why wouldn’t I ask for every scopes ? I does not cost anything, even if I don’t call the API

You’re right.. You might, but be aware our authentication system will show the user every scope you’re asking for. So, asking more than needed might not be the right thing to do.

What are the scopes provided by Xee

Data you want API that provide scope needed
Read user info /users/me
Read car info /users/{userId}/cars
Get car trips /cars/{carId}/trips
Get signals from car /cars/{carId}/signals
Get locations from car /cars/{carId}/locations
Get status of a car /cars/{carId}/status status_read